Julie + Rich

I was blown away by the work Jenn does. I did not even realize how crucial she would become to my wedding day. Seriously, you have no idea how important and necessary a wedding planner is! I truly could not have done it without her. It's a miracle (and a blessing to me) that her prices are not outrageously high because I feel like I received the most high quality service from Jenn. She is so organized, matter-of-fact, and tells it like it is. If you are an indecisive and easily overwhelmed bride like me then you can see how important these qualities are. She truly made my vision come to life. She made my wedding day run seamlessly and she even anticipated my needs before I could articulate them. Every little hiccup she was there with a solution, or even just some calming words and ideas. Plus, she's really enjoyable to be around! My husband and I are so thankful we chose Jenn for our wedding and we love her!

Jilie + Rich

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